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H-JULE 776002

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  • H-Jule, a comfortable shoe for your everyday life. Choose a model with a side zipper for easy dressing or one with original combinations of leather and prints to complete your looks. A small wedge sole, H width for slightly stronger feet, breathable materials, lightweight outsole and removable insole. A multiple choice model that guarantees comfort all day long!

  • Fastener: laces
    Width: H (slightly stronger feet)
    Vamp (upper part of the shoe): premium quality leather
    Inside: antibacterial and moisture absorbing inner lining
    Insole: removable
    Outsole: TR LUPO-Sole
    Origin: 100% made in Europe
    Recommended by orthotists

    Waldläufer leathers mainly come from Germany and Italy. They're tanned with plant based products according to European regulations, which assure a sustainable manufacturing. The shoes are made with the latest technologies for sensitive feet in Germany, Hungary, Croatia and Romania.

Politiques d'expédition et de retour

Tous les produits vendus avec une remise de 40% ou plus sont considérés comme des VENTES FINALES et ne sont pas retournables et/ou remboursables.

Les commandes passées avant 12 heures seront traitées et expédiées le jour même.

Les commandes passées après 12 heures seront traitées et expédiées le jour ouvrable suivant.

Aucun retour ne sera accepté 30 jours après la livraison de la commande.

Les retours sont acceptés à condition que la chaussure ne soit pas portée.

Le produit doit être retourné dans le même emballage que celui dans lequel il a été reçu ou dans un emballage similaire.

Le retour sera traité dans les 15 jours ouvrables suivant la réception du retour.

AFTER THE DISTANCE, IT'S ALL ABOUT THE SIZE: Determine your shoe size now

AFTER THE DISTANCE, IT'S ALL ABOUT THE SIZE: Determine your shoe size now

At Waldlaufer, we always work with English shoe sizes, i.e. the UK measurement system. If you don't know your English shoe size, you can now easily find out - we'll show you how:

To determine the shoe size, the foot length should be measured first. As with measuring the width of the feet, the best time to do this is in the early evening, because at this time of the day the feet have reached their full length. Stand with both bare feet on a white sheet of paper and try to distribute your weight as evenly as possible. Now outline the outline of your feet with a pencil - make sure to draw as close as possible to the foot in order to be able to determine the length and thus the shoe size as precisely as possible. If you have a second person to help, it is of course even easier.

The finished outline now only needs to be measured. Take a ruler or tape measure and measure the distance from your heel to your big toe. You now simply compare the result with the table below - and you already have your UK shoe size and can look out for your next favorite model in the Waldlaufer shop.